Monday, April 26, 2010

Different Journey's

Two different journey's.
Two different modes of getting somewhere.
One by water heading for Cape Cod Bay.
One by air heading for who knows where.
A favorite quote comes to mind.
"Sailing, like flying, isn't inherently dangerous
but is mercilessly unforgiving of human error."

The picture of the plane in the sky was taken a moment after
I took the picture towing the barge.
We had recently departed Boston Harbor.


  1. great contrast in subject matter. one quiet and peaceful and the other fast and loud.

    great job

  2. My husband and I appreciate the contrast here:). Being married to a pilot, and a sailor, is a live full of "ups and downs." Ooo - bad pun of the day:). Great shots.

  3. Dear Amelia-I hope I can leave you a message over here! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments regarding my artwork. I read your "about me" write up and am pretty impressed-5 kids, professor,photographer, blogger, hens and everything! Wow-how do you do it all:) Keep up the great work-we can all support and encourage each other on our journey...

  4. Very nice! I love travel and this post puts me in that travel mode, wanting to take a journey! :)

  5. So wonderful to see your world through your photography. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. I love the contrast here...and yet the blues tie them together...both journeys would be unforgiving of human error I would think:)


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