Thursday, April 22, 2010

dog house

a forgotten dog house
we built 21 years ago
out of the old deck we tore out
i always know it's there
but have not paid much attention
to that section of yard in years
we were tearing the fence out
around it last week
and i noticed the cool moss
growing all over the roof
this dog house will
be here as long as i own
the property...
i love love love to be surrounded by
old funky stuff


  1. This is the sort of thing that turns a house into a home ... memories. It looks like you built it well 21 years ago.

  2. wow i love mossy surfaces and the fact this has stood for so long it makes your home yours

  3. Lovely moss growth! Makes it look lots older. Love the antlers over the door, too!

  4. This is wonderful -- I really love the moss.


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