Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outside My Back (front) Door

Outside both my back and my front door, I'm surrounded by concrete and, it's neither beautiful nor poetic...although we do have a beautiful wooded area behind us where masses of green leaves have magically appeared since we arrived home from Panama. It will take us awhile to create the relaxing retreat that we envision but I'm enjoying the process...and emptying my scouring the nurseries for lovely treasures.

This photograph was taken on my husband's iphone...the funky Hipstamatic app. I suspect it could become addictive!


  1. This is quite a lovely picture. I camera is pretty darn good on that Iphone!

  2. that app is very addictive! :)

    love the green and yellow

  3. I love it, that app would be addictive.

  4. but it sure looks beautiful and relaxing in this photo!!

  5. Oh, I can imagine those raised beds filled with a wonderful assortment of plants -- you WILL make your vision come true!

  6. The application is something I know nothing about, but sure do like! Your photo does, actually, look inviting and romantic. Enjoy your small spaces!


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