Friday, April 9, 2010

Searching for the Right Words

Eternal Truths


  1. What a beautiful shot! It makes me want to look into the center of the frame to find the "eternal truths" that might be hidden in there.

  2. I see this photo in many ways; pencil/charcoal drawing?, collage mixed media perhaps, just a photo? or a photo & digital elements? It is stunning and has allowed me to escape the clutter in my mind temporarily. Well done.

  3. Thanks - this is a photo, although with some processing (mainly just a grainy grayscale). It is part of a sculpture that hangs on the outside wall of our local library - and every time I walk by it, I see something new in it.

    Today, as I walked out the door, the text caught my eye, but the shadow behind the text, and the bird perched inside sealed the deal for me...

  4. It reminds me of a frame from an old movie...before the talkies. Cool photo!

  5. brilliant so urban and the black, white and grey fantastic


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