Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shiela Mary Fletcher

As I sit on a bench overlooking
the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA
I looked down to find my feet placed beside a memorial plaque.
I stopped and pictured her in my mind. What she may of
looked like, how she dressed and if she as well
enjoyed sitting looking at the river in this exact place.
Someone dear wanted to share her memory by
sponsoring a place in the park to enjoy the day.
I may never return to this spot for I accidentally ended up here.
Or did I?
I thanked her for sharing this opportunity.


  1. I wonder who she was and she was not too eldely when she went. Nice text

  2. dawn . this is my favorite so the thoughts behind it!

  3. This reminds me of a short documentary movie made years ago by an artist friend of mine called "Sitting on a Story". She picked about five benches in "the other Vancouver" (Canada) and researched the people they were dedicated to. She interviewed friends and family, borrowed old photographs, and told their stories. It's a touching and poignent memoir of the people "behind" the plaques on benches.

    This is such a great photograph Dawn.


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