Thursday, April 8, 2010

sometimes text can crack me up

we found this in the local paper
years ago and have had it up on the wall
in the kitchen ever since.
quite often we relive the laughter
and hilarity of this ad
on holidays or with someone new.
i don't know if it was a joke or not
but this little block of text
that someone provided us with
has given our family
endless laughter.
and it's always good
when laughter is involved...


  1. LOL...that is hilarious!!! I wonder if a man wrote that looking for female roomates?

  2. These ads are treasures when you find them. I love that a year on and it still brings you laughter.

  3. i just wanna find one myself, add that is not a queen ed to share

  4. Hilarious! That person had smooth direct moves! Thanks for the giggle.


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