Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have to admit I took this photo a couple weeks ago when I was in Vancouver.
I love seeing all the boats in the marina, I loved the name on the boat,
Schools Out. 
It makes me think of fun times.
Schools Out for Summer,
It also makes me think that owner is a lucky fellow.
What fun!


  1. Good one Cinner! I love wandering the docks to see what names people have given to their boats. My favourite one so far is "Plan B" left me wondering what "Plan A" was! Boat names are always so evocative of people's dreams.

  2. I love Marinas so much i just wanna hop on board and head off somewhere. Schools out for summer that old rock and roll song is now in my head thanks Cinner

  3. Boat names are really interesting. Some are really clever. They make me think about the personalities behind the people that own them.

  4. It makes me wonder what interesting stories you have related to school's out- so you pulled me in.

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  6. For some reason, my first comment hasn't shown up even though it was counted. Wha....?!!!

    Anyhoo, as I was sayin', boat names are even better than vanity license plates.

  7. Beautiful picture. Reminds me of reading the names of the beach homes at Seaside in Florida.

  8. I'll be singing that song for the rest of the day! Awesome - I'd like to be there right now...


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