Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome to my garden

In mid 2006 I moved into my new home. The lack of garden was just awful clay soil, large rocks and many broken and scattered bricks and roof tiles the builders had failed to clean up.

Almost 4 years on and most of my garden is now established. Every grain of soil, every piece of mulch, every plant and been added to this garden with my own hands. Although some plants have come from the nursery most have come from cuttings, I have grown or taken from my mum’s house.

Over time I have hauled in 7 cubic metres of soil and 9 cubic metres of mulch, my only tools an old wheel borrow, a garden shovel and a worn out pair of gardening gloves. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have done this myself … far more satisfaction then if I had landscaper gardener to do the job for me.

My yard may not be the biggest or the most extravagant but more importantly it is a part of me and it is a garden of love and pride. It makes sitting on the deck sipping a cup of tea all the more sweeter.


  1. that is true love - to caress a garden from the bare clay. beautiful and i love how you wrote about it.

  2. When you do hard work on your own, and then are able to enjoy is priceless.

  3. This is so beautiful and I'm sure angels bless this space (with you being one of them!). Creating a garden is creating a sanctuary for one's self.

  4. Your apprecitation of what you've accomplished and created feeds my soul.

  5. Oh, it looks like you have created something truly lovely from a (ahem) mess. What a huge job -- and what a wonderful reward!


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