Wednesday, May 5, 2010

always be prepared for... a foot of snow!!!

the saying in colorado is
if you don't like the weather
wait 5 min.
okay i was prepared for an inch or 2 of snow last wed. night...
but a foot of the white stuff... no no no...
the daffodil photo was taken wed. afternoon
it was 68 degrees outside...
went to bed expecting a little dip in the temp
and a little snow..
looking forward to seeing the daffodils poking out of the snow..
getting a few photos..
when i woke up thurs morning...
i was not prepared...


  1. wow - yeah...i wouldn't be eitehr.

    stay warm!

  2. Deborah, it looks like you got about twice as much as us. The daffodil reminds me that soon the bright sun will fill the skies again. take care and stay warm.

  3. OMG, you poor thing! I'm so sorry!!! I would not be prepared for it either. Hope it melts soon!

  4. Not prepared? I'd be devastated - especially if my daffs were already peaking out. You're a much better sport than I.

  5. we have that same weather saying ...but never snow in MAY!!

  6. Your contrasting photos well represent your situation! So much for the April first date to have your studded tires taken off (that's what is in S. WA - Portland OR area, They extended it this year).

  7. brrr! things can change so quickly can't they!? hope it melts fast...and stay warm!

  8. Oh my -- I wouldn't have been prepared for that, either! Hope you have stayed warm!

  9. wow that's crazy. the weather can be so odd sometimes.


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