Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Being Prepared.

Hi I was not sure what I was going to do for this theme this week.
Today it became very obvious and a reminder
that when living in Canada,
you never put your parkas, boots, toques, mitts or shovels away
until June if you want to be prepared.
Yesterday the lilac tree was green and we cut the grass two days ago.
We always are prepared for the Unexpected!
So guess where I am going?
Yes outside to shovel, in a while.


  1. oh makes me glad for my warm temps outside.

    be safe

  2. I'm so surprised to see a snow pic from this week! Now you just need someone to prepare some ht chocolate for you when you come in!

  3. Oh Cinner...the difference between your photos from last week to this week is unbelieveable! From spring to winter. We've had unusually cold weather on the west coast too so it's not just your area that's been unseasonable.

  4. Kate it is just crazy, I don't know if my flowers will make it...we could hardly find my pond Hope you are well. take care.

  5. Amazing how weather changes in an instant! Come over when you are done for hot chocolate and sweets :)

  6. I took that same photo last thurs. in my yard.. a foot of snow overnight. 2 days before we were having a deck party with daffadils everywhere.. Co is the same.. always be prepared

  7. Dazzling capture of something sprinkled with frustration!

  8. oh my goodness! how quickly things can change! great capture here!

  9. Wow...I'm gateful for our warm temps!!

  10. To cut grass one day and shovel snow the next ... I don't think I would ever be prepared for THAT.


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