Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Journey

My Journey
Each day is a journey…something we take by going.

Sometimes we visit by going away, leaving things behind, only to return later.

Sometimes it is a stopover we take by capturing single moments for time’s sake…
so we can play with the memories later.

Sometimes it is a voyage we take through someone else’s
life, by crossing into another time or place.

Whether the journey is by dreaming, recording,
or actuality it is none-the-less a journey…

Our Journey

I’m lovin’ my ride though life…


  1. Beautiful Cora, I love the softness of this.

  2. Perfect words. Your photo make me want to fetch my hat and gloves, grab your old suitcase, jump on a train, and use that camera to photograph everything I see.

  3. I love your words...and your soft photo is just luscious...I am now yearning for some vintage luggage!


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