Saturday, May 1, 2010

A seven year journey....

My baby girl turned seven years old this week.
What a journey it has been!
I never knew the anxiety and sadness,
Worry and tears
That would lie ahead of me.
But I also didn't know the joy and pride
Laughs and love
That would lie ahead of me.
Being a mom has been the most incredible journey of my life
And I am honored to be this amazing little girl's mom and I look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.


  1. Motherhood is an awesome journey that only a mother knows!! Sweet pix!

  2. Doesn't it go so fast? Some days d r a g...but overall it flies. Very cute picture and I love her little shirt!

  3. she is just adorable!!! you are the very best mommy

  4. Ahhh, what an incredible journey motherhood is. I so resonated with this. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. motherhood is one incredible journey that is for sure. sweet photo. i can see her little mind trying to decide which wish to wish for as she blows out the candles

  6. What an adorable pic!...The journey of motherhood has been the most rewarding journey in my life...and even tho my eldest is in her 30's it is still a constant twists and turns:)


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