Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shades of Gray

If shades of gray is synonymous with getting older...
then I want to be like Gloria.
Her hair has surpassed shades of gray
and rests in the perfect hue of white.
Her home is filled with books and 
small treasures from her travels.
Her stories big and colorful and she 
still teaches piano at 81 on her Steinway.
She's an artist, mother, widow, teacher, 
social butterfly and precious friend.
Her master's degree in concert piano has led her 
path to teaching Walt Disney's, Yul Brynner's & 
Joan Crawford's children.
And now she's all ours!
If this is my example of getting older then...
I look forward to my time when I'm living in shades of gray.


  1. What wonderful life stories she must have to tell!

    Fantastic photograph!

  2. now that is a life indeed - beautiful portrait


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