Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beauty in the Mundane

"What the Heck" is probably what came out of your mouth when you saw Miss Lucy.  Lucy is a vulture yes and when you think of vulture you probably don't have sweet thoughts, unless of course you haven't met Lucy.  Never would I have thought a vulture would have such a sweet and playful personality, she loves to wrestle with her trainer, is scared to walk down long hallways alone, loves to play with toys, and is fascinated by red painted toe nails.  If you are ever fortunate to be in Boise, Idaho you can visit her at the Birds of Prey Sanctuary, a very beautiful soul indeed.

A reminder that beauty is not always the package it is  the soul you find inside....  Meet Miss Lucy


  1. she a turkey vulture....or just a vulture ?
    there's a difference, right ?

    but i know i would love her....

  2. Who would have expected that?!

  3. Miss Lucy is beautiful because you have endeared her to us.


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