Thursday, June 10, 2010

sun dial

when i saw the theme this week was
i immediately thought of the
sundial on main street...
we have the most amazing
"art about town"
project here and the arts council
is in the process of trying to
raise money to keep it going..
they have covered up all the cool
sculptures and put an amount on each one.
as they raise each amount
they uncover the art...
quite a few have been uncovered so far...
but not yet on the sun dial...
it really makes you aware of how important
the downtown art really is..


  1. What an interesting idea! I was wondering why the tape...
    Here's hoping there is enough soon for time to be released.

  2. great find for the theme! :) great idea to raise money too

  3. What a great idea. Hope it gets uncovered soon, it looks quite interesting. I love sundials.

  4. they've come up w a wonderful visual to make an impression on folks who might not otherwise think twice. great shot!

  5. What a unique idea. Trying to figure out how one would tell the time with this sundial.

  6. How lucky you are to have such an active, local arts council...these days that seems very rare...Love the sundial and hope it gets unwrapped soon!

  7. great idea..quite a statment

  8. what a great piece and perfect photo op for you!


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