Monday, June 7, 2010


We all do it. We steal glances at clocks and watches and cell phones.
We search for them in public spaces, or ask strangers at bus stops.
Clocks that used to grace towers or buildings are sometimes silent and unmoving as the public came to have their own private timepieces.
Watches have become more and more like pieces of jewellery in this day of checking our phones for the time.
I love my collection of timepieces
with it's array of clock faces and digital numbers.
Some are silent, some tick resonantly. One chimes.
Some need to be plugged in, some need to be wound up.
All tell a story... once upon a time.


  1. Fun picture. I never check my phone for the time, always my watch. I guess I'm 'old fashioned'. lol

  2. I am agree with you and I am collecting watches as well I love watches I fell in love with this new watch that I got ' Millage Tourbillion" any where I go and I have my Millage Tourbillion Timepiece on I either get a few comments or / and many people asking me where I got my watch
    To be honest Millage watch company have a very nice and unique styles although they are a little pricy but they really are a piece of art work.


  3. My attraction to watches and clocks is practically magnetic. I drawn to them in some mysterious way it seems.

  4. so simple yet so exquisite ~

  5. Beautiful image, depends on the mood I am in, sometimes I check the time constantly and other times I could care less.

  6. gorgeous.. love the face of this clock and is that a feather for the second hand? how whimsical! :)

  7. I have to admit that I haven't worn a watch since I quit work two years ago...still I hate to be late for anything:)...This is a beautiful image and a great theme...


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