Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy days in Cannes

Not quite summer in Cannes, France but a warm late spring day on Ile Sainte Marguerite.  My new friends Helene and her sons Clement and Paul taking us through the avenue of Eucalyptus trees planted there.  Helene's husband Phillipe is with us our boat driver and friend.  The island a tranquil escape after the business of touring for 4 weeks.  A picnic fresh from Helene's kitchen packed carefully and served on a checked tablecloth.  France as we had not yet experienced her, on a lazy almost summer day with the scent of Eucalyptus in the air and the warmth of new friends surrounding us.  


  1. What a beautiful path to walk...

  2. okay I am officially jealous!!!! looks like a great time was had

  3. I love shots from the they're walking feels so candid, as though I'm on the walk with you! Summer in lovely!

  4. After touring for four weeks you certainly did need a lazy day...Lucky, lucky you!! This photo just looks "relaxed"...


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