Monday, September 7, 2009


deserted~forsaken~cast aside~vacated~evacuated~unoccupied~empty~unused
I love abandoned houses, outbuildings, and barns. I'm not sure why, but I always have and as my camera love grows, so does my love for these places. I also love abandoned doors, bicycles, glass bottles, family photos and dishes.
On the back forty of my sister's property, they recently found two boats that had been dumped years ago and if they hadn't been out on their four-wheeler in waist high grass, they never would have discovered them.
Lucky for me and my camera they did.
Now I love abandoned boats, too.
I work really hard to abandon any ugly thoughts that try to surface
but I never abandon my dreams
I've never had to abandon an abusive marriage
but I know someone who did
I've had to abandon a few friends along the way
but I've never abandoned myself
so this week
share with us
"your abandoned"
means to you
photograph by beth


  1. Very cool theme, Beth! And yours is a nicely different take on abandoned cars. I've never thought about abandoned boats before, but now I'll be on the lookout for them!

  2. Awesome theme... Love your photo... Looking forward to seeing what images everyone comes up with! Happy Labor Day ~~

  3. Oh goody, the new challenge! Let the fun begin.

    Love your take on the topic.

  4. Oh I love this weeks theme. Your words and photograph are intensly beautiful. Well done!

  5. Beautiful capture of abandoned (I knew it had to be your post as soon as the photo popped up on my reader! You always take such wonderful photos of abandoned things.) I can't wait to get out and capture this myself!

  6. Great photo! There are a couple boats that have been left sitting for years in a field near here, and, much like this one, are rusted and rotten and covered in weeds. It always seems kind of sad to me ... like they are not only abandoned, but out of place. Never would have thought of photographing them, though. Sigh. And look at yours -- this photo is fantastic!

    This theme ought to be fun. Thanks for a great prompt!

  7. i love your grace and imagination ~ what a wonderfilled moment in a field ~

  8. beautiful shot beth - so you, so lovely and thoughtful.

    i also love your thoughts about the other types of abandonment.

  9. wonder who drove this car, and where they'd go.

    great capture beth.

  10. As always, you fill what appears empty with beauty...



  11. Beth, I knew it was yours as soon as I saw the photo. It is beautiful and so are your words to go with it. I like how you said you never abandoned yourself. Take care.

  12. Great theme, wonderful photograph, beautiful words. Who could ask for anything better?

  13. Nice the blues.

  14. Beth, you choose such a great topic! Abandonment is challenge...something I usually don't like to feel. Yet, you can turn it around and use the word abandon to let go of bad habits and things in life that no longer suit you...

  15. Great theme you've chosen and love the positive spin on it in your writing. Great contrast in your photo with the vivid blue and green.

  16. i love abandoned buildings, great idea and great shot.

  17. i think that even being tuesday a lot of good things have come out of this theme! good choice! i'm still thinking about mine, but will come up with something good by sunday! yikes!

  18. Love this choice of a topic...and your words are as beautiful as your photo...Thanks Beth!

  19. Beautiful photograph Beth and I love that you listed the things you have and have not abandoned in your life.

    Abandoning ourselves is the hardest and saddest abandonment ever, but even if we do so for a time, most of us eventually "find" ourselves again. Great theme!

  20. What a great challenge..thank you Beth!
    I love the shot you took of the has truly been abandoned!


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