Sunday, September 6, 2009

where i live...

win or lose. red sox nation baby!
it's that time of year again when
spirits are amp'd up with eager
anticipation that the home team
will be in the october playoffs.

but for me, it's countdown to the
beginning of the NASCAR chase
championship series. oh yeah,
smoke will be in town shortly.
waiting, watching paint dry.

oh wait, lest i forget so soon
BONO is not too far behind
on U2's 360 tour. exhaling.
we'll be in the same room.
breathe, se'lah, breathe.


  1. i adore U2 and Bono - his voice is so full of vulnerability. I flew to Miami to see them on their last tour and had a fantastic time. Hope you enjoy them this time.

  2. selah you make me smile all the way to the stadium!

  3. you made it just in time before we switch to a new theme tomorrow....yippee yeah !!!....and I love bono....wait, no I don't...I love jon bon cha :)

  4. We're going to see them on the 16th here in Toronto!
    CAN'T WAIT!!!
    Love your photo...nice to meet you.

  5. SE'LAH, I am a huge Bono and U2 fan. My husband is any type of sport fanatic, so I think he would love it there. I have seen your blog before and really enjoy it. Glad to meet you on here, can't wait to see what you do next. Take care, c

  6. You're a sporty girl! I wish I could be that girl, but I wasn't made that way. That's a great shot of the scoreboard! Glad you made it in under the wire!

  7. Fantastic shot! I love Bono, too, and I know what you mean about being a bit starstruck. I felt that way when I saw Robert Plant in concert: "I'm in the same room with Robert Plant. A very big room, but the SAME ROOM. Oh my gosh."
    I actually had to sit back down for a second...

  8. I live in Red Sox nation too:)...

  9. Great photograph! Lucky duck to see U2!!! I <3 Bono :)

  10. I'm Boston too, however I'm out west in the woods but close enough. Plus, I drive to Boston everyday.


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