Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where I Live

I live in a small house
with a big heart

From the outside you might think
"Ay, Que pequeña" "Oh, it's so tiny"
But inside this home live
big dreams
big ideas
big laughter
and sometimes
big tears

In this house resides
everything I live for
my family
my hope
my salvation
my future
my daughter
my husband
my kitty
and my dog
who fills every day with kisses.

In this house I make art
I write with the love passed on from my father
I cook with gratitude for the bounty I never saw in my childhood
and bird houses will be fixed
after the heat of summer
to be ready for the rains of winter

In this house with a big heart
es donde vivo, is where I live.


  1. beautiful - beautiful words and an adorable puppy. life is good, isn't it?

  2. not to be corny or anything, but i am a firm believer that "love grows best in little houses." sometimes things (including people) who think they are big are really very small...because they don't have good things that fill them up. this was a good post.

  3. Beautiful! Personally, I love a small home...I grew up in a tiny 3 bedroom. A small home is cozy and warm. I had a big home once..I felt lost (and was consumed with housework!!). Now I am back in a small home and loving every thing about it!

  4. I live in a small home with the smallest bathroom, but I love it. Great photo and wonderful words.

  5. I love the coziness of my wee flat! Beautiful post!

  6. Your writing is fabulous and your photo is adorable.

  7. I just knew that where you lived, would look and feel just like this...just like you described...beautiful my sweet friend....just beautiful !!

  8. so nice to meet you and your sweet house is small too...but we live BIG!

  9. It's not the size of the house - it's the life that is inside it - wonderful post!

  10. I'm in the process of downsizing from a large home to a small one...and can hardly wait! Less work means more time to play and make art.

    This sweet dog is the perfect size for a cozy home too. Adorable!

    Nice to meet you and look forward to a year of play together.

  11. Adorable puppy!...I'm looking foward to downsizing too...Small is beautiful:)

  12. Your home may be small, but it sounds like you live large.

  13. Bigger is not always better. I think having a small house can be wonderful and makes a family closer in spirit.

  14. small homes can be deceptively big on character, space and love.

  15. a big heart, just like yours.
    i love you, friend.

  16. oh i really love the way you have written this- a small house with a big heart. i can feel the love overflowing.
    i'm so glad to meet you.

  17. there is so much love in this photo and in your words!!

  18. I love what you wrote...and the pooch:)

  19. What a great post and a great photo! Looks like you've got a sweet baby there...


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