Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who I See

I see my Aunt Marie as often as I can.
She is my mother's only living sibling, in fact, my only living aunt (or uncle).
She was the youngest of their family and is the one who has lived to be the oldest at 91.
On her birthday or anytime I am in town, I always try to take her to Red Lobster.
Aunt Marie loves Red Lobster because she loves the fried catfish.
And the fried shrimp
And the Cheddar Bay Biscuits.
Even though we always go out at lunchtime, I urge her to order from the dinner menu,
so she will have some left over to eat for her supper.
I'm the only one who will take her there
because her family is ultra-religious and Red Lobster serves alcohol,
so they have deemed it verboten.
She always says to me that maybe she shouldn't go there either.
I tell her, "Auntie, you're not drinking it, so how will it hurt you."
She told me once that when she was young, she enjoyed having a beer once in a while.

She's the closest thing to a mother that I have and I treasure her.
She always looks straight into my eyes and says, "I love you, little girl."


  1. awe..... so sweet!!
    thanks for sharing ~~

    xo Laura

  2. Such a special connection you have with her! How wonderful she can get around and still has a sharp mind. Her sweetness comes through in your photo, too.

  3. And she still drives herself to her weekly hair appointment! Her mind is sharp as a tack. When I was there, she had bought a cell phone and asked me to program it for her! She makes me laugh! She always flirts with the male servers when we go out. I tell her, "Aunt Marie, you're killin' me!" and she says right back, "You're killin' me!"

  4. you made me vermplekmt (how do you spell that)

    that's a lot of love there - love how you take her there. love that. soooo sweet.

  5. It's lovely that you take her out to a place she loves that other family members will not take her too. I makes your bond and connection all the more special.

  6. oh this is priceless...your words of love and humor...the photo...just wonderful

  7. the love between you two is a blessing and almost wonderful that you have each other !!!

  8. this is so sweet... and cute. what a wonderful thing that you can be with her and take her to lunch like that - i know it must be a special treat for her. (she sure doesn't look anywhere close to 91).

  9. Oh, that is so much fun -- that you take her out to eat where no one else will!
    :-) She looks like a LOT of fun!

  10. Your aunt sounds like a joy to be with!...but she sure is lucky to have someone to take her to Red Lobster!


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