Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today I Saw

Today I saw a girl in her new petti skirt that dreams of becoming a princess.

Today I saw a girl who will stop and pose for photos not only for me but also for other tourists that like her petti skirt.

Today I saw a girl that loves flowers and wants to be a florist when she grows up.

Today I saw a girl with a kind heart, who when owns her own florist will have a free basket of flowers to offer to any young children who enter her shop.

Today I saw a happy girl at a local flower farm.

Today the girl I show to you … is my daughter.


  1. Liss, she is sooo lovely! She looks like a flower herself kneeling there! I love that she wants to be a florist, to create beautiful things to make people happy.

  2. so sweet, and she does look like a princess in her beautiful outfit and the flowers surrounding her. beautiful portrait

  3. she looks like a flower popping out of that field ...really a stunning shot mom!

  4. how fabulous is that photo ?
    make sure that one gets kept in a special place so that she'll always have it !!!

  5. she sounds like a special young girl, with such a big heart and smile.

  6. What a beautiful photo! It seems so appropriate that such a pretty girl would love flowers.

  7. How beautiful!...and what beautiful dreams:)


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