Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who I See...Simple Things

Sept. 20, 2001...this beautiful, sweet miracle came into my life.
After years of complications, my sweet Cambria entered this crazy world.
Who I see?
I see my first born transform before me everyday into the beautiful young lady you see above. Her thoughts are not on boys, or the latest fad, nor is it what plans she has on Friday night. But its when she'll be able to ride her bike, or the next time she'll go fishing with her dad
or see her best friend.
The simple things.
Cam, may you always be content with the simple things in life... Love, Mom


  1. She is just beautiful with a wonderful smile. beautiful photo.

  2. oh, so beautiful - she has the sweetest smile

  3. she is really a beautiful girl! I love her name, too.

  4. This photo works so well in black and white. your daughter looks happy with life just theway it is.

  5. Those eyes! They just draw you in like a magnet! Very soulful and beautiful.

  6. such a beautiful little girl. i love her smiling eyes.


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