Sunday, November 1, 2009

childhood passions

Picking just one passion is hard. I thought and thought then I remember the quilt my mom made for me when I graduated from highschool. It's the perfect representation of things I loved. It is a beautiful hand-crafted piece that tells the story of me - of the things brought me joy: sunbathing, camping, my green hightops, Autumn, iceskating, pottery, chocolate anything, my dog (Beau), my kitty (Matisse), painting, weaving, penpals, photography, and Christmas baking. Yep that about sums me up. In some form or another these things still bring me happiness.

This quilt is on the bed my little niece sleeps in at my parents house. thanks Mom


  1. What a beautiful treasure this quilt is, how fortunate to have something so lasting and so lovely from your mum.

  2. this is what the theme is all touching this is !

  3. wow - that is a gorgeous quilt - what a memory

    it reminds me of the denim shirts we used to make in high school where we would stitch on our interests. i had forgotten those until i saw this.

  4. Wow....what a beautiful treasure! A permanent reminder of those dear passions!
    This is fantastic!

  5. It's what a quilt should be, a story of your life. Such beautiful work! I admire your talents!


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