Sunday, November 1, 2009

Passionate through and through...

Throughout our childhood, our Mum was passionate about everything...and she encouraged our passions...
I drew daily...she was passionate about it...
I danced with passion...she always said "whatever we loved to do...she would support"...
She was passionate about nature and being part of it as often as we could...
I am trying to install those passions in our girl's childhood...
Childhood Passions are passed down through generations in our Family...creating wonderful memories.
Thanks you.
P.S. This is an old photo of my Mum.


  1. beautiful shot - she is just lovely

    and what a wonderful lesson she gave you

  2. What a captivating photo....absolutely beautiful!

  3. you touched my heart with this ...

  4. A beautiful are blessed to have her passions passed down to you! Keep the memories alive through the years!

  5. Very touching, nice the passions continue on.

  6. Your mother is stunningly beautiful! She looks like a supermodel from the 60's. Love the perspective in this shot.

    I wish my mother had been passionate about those kinds of things...I guess she was just too worn out from hard work and raising a family and never having enough. You were blessed.


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