Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I need coffee.... the morning. It's my wakeup call to arms. I savor each sip, especially the first one. I have special coffee mugs and cups that I love to use, but......

....I have a little secret. I'm having a love affair with tea. Actually, I have many many different ones that I can barely fit them all in one cabinet space. Ssshhh, don't tell Mr. Coffee!

Sailing ships upon the sea
Aren't lovelier than you
Or the games I see you play.

You more lovely than the day
When the sun is in your eyes
I see through your disguise
All the games I see you play."

"Bread and water could just as easily be toast and tea."


  1. I love both too - different moods different things. Tea reminds me of comfort, luxury and home while coffee makes me think of stopping for a moment or getting things kicked off.

  2. I love both as well...I too have a huge selection of tea in my pantry. My favorite is English Breakfast...followed by orange spice in the winter.

  3. I prefer tea over coffee. I'm impressed by your collection and the tea post are a nice finishing touch. (tea always tastes better out of a pot.)

  4. oh i love the "shrine" ...tea is perfect in the right pot!

  5. I am always impressed by the tea varieties people offer. And I see you aren't loyal to one brand!

  6. oooh, you little minx!



  7. wow! that'll keep your taste buds going!

  8. My favorite is rooibos with a little honey, but I also love a cup of Earl Grey with milk in the afternoon for a pick-me-up. My new love is the blueberry green tea which also makes a wonderful iced tea. My favorite iced tea is the blackberry. It doesn't even need sweetener.

  9. I used to have a tea chest with all different kinds of teas. It was stolen from my house. My favorite tea is still Earl Grey. I do like to try new kinds though. Loved your blog and your lovers. lol.

  10. Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon...that's my motto...and Earl Grey with milk is just about the only tea I drink:)

  11. Lol...that's too funny!
    Isn't Tea SUCH a splendid comforter...
    Great shot of all your lovers!

  12. I was hoping a little "comedy" would be everyone's cup of tea! Yep, I'm a cornball and proud of it!

  13. That's funny -- and that's quite a collection of tea for a coffee drinker!


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