Friday, October 16, 2009

In Season

Fall finally seems to be in season for us here in the deep south.
The cool breezes are starting to blow and the leaves are falling.
Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons like the gorgeous light that
seems to surround everything, the rich colors that are everywhere, the
different fruits and vegetables that have finally ripened to perfection,
the warm meals, the cool nights, the long pants and
cozy sweaters, the first of many crackling fires to
soothe away the day....

Yes. It's definitely my favorite.


  1. Beautiful colors of fall! Love this trio of pears.....wanna share them? One for you , one for me and one for a mystery guest.

  2. gorgeous color - I love pear and brie toasted sandwiches.

    great set up on this shot.

  3. I love how pretty and sharp the colors are in this, along with the composition. Looks lovely!

  4. fall is my favorite season as well. you've certainly captured fall perfectly in this photo with the deep red pears and the perfect light.

  5. So lovely...and you probably already know of my love for red pears! :)

    I'm surprised that nobody has featured soup which is my other reason to love autumn...I could eat soup every day!

  6. Red and green together...two of my favorite color combinations.

  7. Mmmmm...I love these and how you've narrowed the depth of field down to the center pear. This is a great photo.

  8. Gorgeous shot - I love the depth of field and the rich, deep colors - great composition!

  9. I love the simplicity of this photo - those pears are such a deep color!

    Lucky Candice

  10. such rich color here - so luscious. yes i love the season for all these reasons.

  11. favorite season too!...Love the dof and that nice rich red color:) I just had a red pear, walnut, and gorgonzola salad...yum!

  12. Such delicious colors and bokeh in this shot! Love it, love it, love it.


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