Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hand Made

My days of "made by hand" have been few and far between recently. I could have posted a picture of my new house which wasn't hand made by me but was built by my daughter's husband. Everything I own that has been hand made has been packed away in boxes for months now and nothing new has been done recently. I thought of taking a picture of a lovely quilt that I have with me, which was made by my grandmother many years ago but haven't even got a camera right now that will take a good photo of it.

I always hesitate (just a little) to label my digital collage/montage work as "handmade" but in fact, they are. I choose the layers, the colours and I decide how to "tweak" each layer in Photoshop. In the case of the piece above and many others that I do, I also took the photograph that was used. This is just one in a series that I've been working on, using a black and white photograph and blending or digitally painting, a solid colour into the photograph and then adding collage layers. (The lower half was originally a field of pumpkins).


  1. Well, Kate, that is very impressive to me. I have Photoshop and I don't do any fancy things with it yet! I will try to be creative one of these years though I am fast running out of them!

  2. This photo is stunning with the way you have tweaked it. I love the vibrant shades of orange.

  3. i love how you composed this - the bright orange in contrast to the monotones is really striking

  4. art is art...all hand made of sorts, this is really cool!

  5. This is beautiful!!! Absolutely perfect and inspiring!


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