Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ava Rose Quilt...#1

I love things that are homemade.
I love making things with my own hands - sewing, quilting, hand embroidering, crocheting, knitting, painting, and cooking. I love to keep my hands busy at all times.

It's just that lately I haven't found time to do some of these things that I love so much. Busyness has claimed way too much of my time. I'm sure of it. Busyness claimed my time this week, too. Between the busyness and the holiday preparations and a moody computer this afternoon, I hate to admit that I had to grab this shot from my archives.

However, while I was browsing through my older photos, it gave me the chance to look at the things I miss having time for. I haven't actually "made" anything other than photos and homemade cooking for quite a long time now. Too long.

I just placed an order for some new drawing and illustration supplies today and my girls are really needing some new pajama pants from the fabric I bought last winter. I think that tomorrow I'll grab my yarn basket and get myself busy again. There is really nothing like having yarn in your hands while you watch a crackling fire and wind down the evenings.

I'm really glad I had the chance this evening to think about putting the ol' priority list back in balance!


  1. Very nice and wonderful talent.....please pick them back up again...
    I love homemade too and I had all that busyness in my home this week too with HOlly and Hubby being home. I had to dig from the archives too...but it was a more recent one! :) All the was homemade and with love!

  2. gorgeous color combo - i hope you can squeeze the time in.


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