Sunday, November 29, 2009


i had planned to do something homemade over these four days, but it never seemed to come together like i planned. all i did homemade this weekend was cook snack foods for the football game on friday and chicken and rice soup tonight. and somehow, i didn't think of taking pictures of them.

i even went to michael's today to look for a craft to work on...and bought felt to make some stockings for our household...but it got too dark to photograph the supplies. so...that leaves me with this.

i didn't take the shot at home, but but the editing is entirely homemade. what you see here is the processing of this shot. the hose pipe was cloned out of the shot, colors were tweaked and layers of texture were added. it's not sewn, cooked, painted or otherwise crafted, but it's made by my hands.


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