Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seeing through the Doors

The front door should be the most welcoming aspect of your home.
And nothing, to me, is less welcoming than a solid door.
The house I grew up in had a front door with a long window down the left third side, behind a storm door that was almost all window, or half window half screen, in the summer. Only during the cold, drafty winter months was that front door closed. Through that open door one could sit in the kitchen and look out onto the street; it was possible to see immediately who was coming up the path to the verandah; it let your friends and neighbours know that you were home.
A windowed door lets the light of the sun into your home.
And allows the warm glow of the light of the house into the evening air.
Note: This door is not mine. Were it mine, those particular curtains would be gone!


  1. I had to laugh at the curtain comment. I don't particularly care for priscillas either.

    I do agree, a door can be a very welcoming "smile" to your house.

  2. I agree...I have a clear (no colors) stained glass window in my front door with side lights on each side with the same. I love curtains for me either!

  3. i agree also - although i do have a solid door, i wish for a screen door and storm door to let the light in. it makes all the difference.

  4. I'm with ya! However, living close to a large city has me considering less window to see through - isn't that a shame?

  5. nice shot...i agree with the curtains...gone!

  6. Char: and it should be a cheery smile, not a fake-plastered-on smile!

    Cora: no curtains should ever deface stained-glass. and I love the clear stained glass in doors.

    spread your wings: most new builds seem to not have screen doors - I'm guessing because of living at the back of the house.

    Traci: oh that is a shame - your door only goes into a front hall, what are you hiding from?

    elk: thank you.

  7. First, that is a gorgeous entrance! Or it would be w/o the very 80's. I love having my front door open on a sunny really warms up the entryway and brings in so much light. I have a solid door, but it has sidelights, thank goodness.

    I love the warm colors in your picture.

  8. Susan: actually ALL the window trim is like this which looks a bit jarring when seeing the whole house, but one by one it is lovely.

  9. What a fun front door -- and I cracked up when I read your remark about the curtains!

  10. love your thoughts's my back door that's always open, full of light and breeze and fresh air. Funny about the curtains, too...they would be the first thing to go :)

  11. Mary: I do like what they have done with their entrance.

    Linda: so unnecessary, those curtains; even net curtains would be better.

    Sandra: should we let these misguided people know?

  12. ....I grew up with these kind of curtains on the front door window:)...but I wouldn't want them on my door now either...Beautiful shot!


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