Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Ms

The holidays are officially in full swing at our house when I start baking cookies. I love to cook, but am not a baker, so it's a momentous and messy occasion when I do finally break out the flour and baking powder. I HAVE learned one trick for holiday baking, though -- you can make any cookie recipe a Christmas cookie just by stirring in red and green M&M's!
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  1. Linda, that's great..and you are right...crumbled candy canes accomplish something similar as well.

  2. Oh what a good idea. I made a batch of choc chip cookies on Saturday and they were all gone by Sunday. Adding m&m's to the next batch and I think it will please Santa no end on Christmas eve to see the red and green in his cookies.

  3. so very true!! one of my favorites is melting white candies discs and stirring in christmas m&ms along with peanuts.


  4. oh yes. red and green M&Ms are always around my house at Christmas time.

  5. Who wouldn't love those!

    I'm not a baker either. My stuff isn't pretty, but it usually tastes good.


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