Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Wish

My wish is that may we all find laughter in our lives,
My wish is that we can be worry free,
My wish is that we can see the goodness in others,
My wish is that we can be compassionate to others,
And that in a world with so many unanswered questions,
that we can find some understanding,
My wish is to really remember what matters most!
My wish is to feel like my newphew,
In his world there is no pain, no war, no death, no sickness, no financial problems,
There is just life with no concerns.
And that makes me smile.


  1. Those are wonderful wishes, Cinner, and I second them heartily! I look forward to seeing you often in the coming year!!

  2. All beautiful things to wish and hope for!
    I love some laughter!

    Happy days to you!

  3. oh...I second all of that! :)

    he's so adorable

  4. we learn so much from the sound of a child's laughter!

  5. How wonderful...I wish for more laughter too :)

  6. This is just fabulous! Well done.

  7. Beautifully said! I love the expression on your nephew's face!


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