Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A diferent type of treasure

From a distance this door leading up from our basement looks like any other door.
It isn't.

If you look closely it is actually a growth chart of my children over a span of 17 years.

We started this on a whim and it has now turned into quite an interesting little piece of our history.

Erin will be 27 this year.

Bryn had quite a growing spurt in '94 and '95. She'll be 23 this year.

Keely is 20 years old now.
When we ever move to our retirement home, this door will surely come with us.
It's our little treasure.


  1. That is a priceless treasure, Mark. It would be a sin to ever cover that door with paint.

  2. I love this. We had a closet door frame (without the door) that was the same kind of treasure but sadly, when we moved it was too hard to rip out the door frame. I'm with you...take the door when you leave!

  3. How cool is that! Did not know people still did those I remember my mom doing that for my brother and I when we were little. A treasure for sure!

  4. Love it...we have a door just like this, I never would have thought it a've given me a new perspective! Thanks.

  5. this is so cool. i have a similar spot but what is fun is that it's at my parents house right beside my own measurements growing up. she (my daughter) outgrew me. She's 20 now and 5'7" - i am only 5' 2"

  6. Love this Mark, what a treasure.

  7. oh this is wonderful great idea to put it on the door so you actually could take it with you. Amazing to see just how much they have grown isn't it so special

  8. very wise decision to chart on a door, not a wall or door jamb!
    on the other end you can chart the elders decline in growth!

  9. This is truly a treasure...take it with you where ever you go!!


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