Thursday, February 25, 2010

my moms treasures

i am visiting my mom this week
so i am doing her treasures
these beautiful dishes are
my moms wedding china from the 50's
during the 90's she got addicted to ebay
now there are 24 place settings
with all the extra pieces
they will belong to me someday
i will have thanksgiving dinner and enjoy them
i will use them as much as i can
i am glad
my mom taught me
by example
to enjoy what i have
not save them for
"special occasions"


  1. what a wonderful thing to pass on..have a lovely visit

  2. what a beautiful set. i love them.

  3. they will certainly make a lovely table setting.

    interestingly, I almost posted some china that was passed down to me that I absolutely love, but we used them so seldom that I don't consider them a treasured item full of memories.

  4. Twenty four place settings! What a treasure that is. I love the simplicity of the pattern.

  5. I love the violet pattern! So simple and pretty. I'm a firm believer in using what you have and not waiting for someone else to enjoy after you're gone.

  6. my mum says the same thing use it don't store it so much better the violet is pretty

  7. my mom taught me the same thing. it's no good stored away.
    I remember these dishes - i think a childhood friend's mother used them.


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