Thursday, February 25, 2010

Treasured moment

Yes she is my absolute greatest treasure
The best gift I've ever been given
The greatest joy of my life
But this moment is a treasured moment
At our favorite place for a bonus late year trip to celebrate my dad's birthday
My oldest brother chasing after my precious daughter
Creating that gorgeous smile on her face
Those tiny toes covered in sand, running carefree and loving everything about life
Treasured moments like these are when I learn the most from my greatest treasure
I actually lowered my camera for a moment after snapping this one to just live in the moment
To see the world through the eyes of that beautiful baby girl


  1. what a fantastic photo . very creative...LOVE tutus!!

  2. oh Jenny - you know how very much I love shots of Ms. V.

    Gorgeous shot - I hope you have this up on your wall.

  3. Oh, this is lovely! One girl, one tutu, one beach to run on...perfect combination for a treasured moment.

  4. Who would have thought that tutus and the beach were a perfect combination?!! Of course, what really makes it perfect is that beautiful little girl with the dark, curly, flowing hair. Beautiful. And you should always lower the camera and live in the moment...the moments pass so quickly.

  5. what a great shot tutus and sand and giggly girls and their favourite uncles chasing them so sweet

  6. Beautiful photo of a treasured daughter and moment.


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