Tuesday, February 16, 2010

self portrait and baring it all....

I'm taking an online class
where we just worked on self portraits and loving ourselves the way we are
is NOT easy
to do
so to really step outside my comfort zone and make my armpits really sweat
I made a video of me
which is new to you
if you didn't already see it on my blog


  1. Beth, I LOVED your video! You didn't seem self-conscious at all and you're so cute! I love your voice and those big hoops are just perfect with your hair and your gracefully long neck. I have a long neck, too. :)

  2. love your video and i love how brave and encouraging you are in the video.

    i on the other hand, hate self portraits. i have this really weird thing about them.

  3. Your video was so open and honest, you just bared it all and were so calm. Loved it.

  4. The video was great, loved it an you are brave as I would have stuttered through the whole thing. Love the necklace as well and the thoughts behind it. Well done and nice to meet you.

  5. I feel like I have a much better grasp of what you are like after watching your video blog. It was fun to hear your voice as well.

  6. i watched your video a while back and it was fun. Good job have another go for sure

  7. Beth - you are so cute! I loved how you quick took off your big hoops once you were done talking about them...too funny, girl!


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