Monday, February 15, 2010

self portrait

Just for you
trying to not show
my impatience
at 198
imperfect shots


  1. Yeah, I had about that many, too! LOL

    LOVE your hair that way!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so with ya! I see 198 or so shots in my future as well! Well done!

  3. the 199th shot was perfect.. you captured a little mystery and the glint in your eye shows a little fun on the side.. well done

  4. haha i KNOW what you mean. I'm still taking them - hoping for one good one.

  5. Great self-portrait!

    I have so many photos of myself that I've taken trying to get just one good one that it's totally embarrassing. A stranger would think I'm totally self-absorbed.

  6. I think your allowed to get mad after shot 200.
    Self portraits are not easy. I take my had of to the girls in blog land that have mastered this art.

  7. well at least you are there I am too scared to even start ok I will do it eventually. You look fab to by the way

  8. I know what you mean....too many shots and never a good one...we are our own worst critic.

    But your shot is very nice. Good job!

  9. i had a hard time with the camera too. what do we want others to see? thanks for sharing you with us. isn't this fun?

  10. I'm glad you shared this "just perfect" shot - it's so nice to meet you!


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