Monday, February 15, 2010

Self portrait

This is me.
I'm hiding inside my sweater,
because I don't like the way my lips look in photos.
The older I get, the more assymetrical my upper lip looks.
And I always thought that my nose was almost straight,
But now I see that it bumps out to the side right before the tip.
My hair is hiding my left cheek,
because I have a large circle of sun damage there.
You can see on my right cheek the smaller "freckles".
Too many hours lying in the sun
before there was sunscreen
and I probably wouldn't have used it anyway.
There was baby oil
and even better,
baby oil with iodine in it.
I never liked Hawaiian Tropic,
because it smelled liked coconut oil.
With the sun rays beating down upon my face,
listening to WKEE-AM,
they said it was okay.
They said, "Time to turn, so you won't burn."
Every fifteen minutes
like clockwork.
My skin sizzled to the perfect tan.


  1. Since I don't care for my double chin and old lady wrinkling neck, I'm going to adopt your idea. From now on all pictures of me will be taken after I've adjusted the neck of my sweaters to cover all offending bits. Thanks for the tip! : )

  2. This photo actually accentuates your cute haircut and beautiful blue eyes...of course I can identify with this - I'd have to pull my sweater up higher to cover this big honkin' nose of mine. (;

  3. Traci, you're very sweet.

    stevie, for sure one doesn't have to crop as much! :)

  4. great photo, I can relate to the sun damage part.. I have had mohs surgery 3 times on my face.. and you can barely see any of them... Thank you Dermatologists!!!

  5. for me i think the turtle neck will be up around my eyes and even then it won't cover the wrinkles there. what a cute and honest post, but i imagine you are being super critical. I see beauty.

  6. well i think you look fine i can relate to the sun damage too we used nothing only pink zinc on our hair part so we didn't peel and look like we had dandruff can you believe it. ha ha

  7. Cute and I love your idea....I wanted to do the same and cover my triple chin! :)

  8. Well... I don't understand why you would cover your beautiful face.... I thought it looked perfect the way it was without all the cover.
    Love u

  9. Very cute, Susie, I like your haircut and eyes too. Reminds me of "Kilroy was here." :)

    And at least you didn't get melanoma. :|

  10. i love your haircut and your eyes. i think it's good to be honest about what we see.

  11. Susan, I love your grey hair and the way you have it cut. If my hair was such a beautiful shade of grey, I'd throw the dye out today!

    So nice to meet you Susan!


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