Sunday, February 14, 2010


The photograph above was taken today at the stall of a candy vendor at a street market in Las Barras. The cellophane bags of candy were full of colourful sweetness.

I’m writing this while listening to a ten man mariachi band play on the beach below me. There’s a Valentine’s party nearby and the fireworks are just beginning. It’s a beautiful warm evening and yes, just perfect for the “romantico” celebrations of love…but there’s so much more to love than this…

each and every day…is LOVE DAY!

Wishing you all the sweetness of love in all it's myriad forms.


  1. The same to you!!! Wish I was there listening to mariachis!!

  2. i agree...every day all colors!!

  3. It sounds like a warm-weather celebration:). Wish I was there. I love your photo.


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