Tuesday, March 2, 2010

flawed = strong

"A bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t."

These are my parent's Bibles - worn and tattered - many would think the books flawed with their scuffed covers and bent pages - but my parents carry them proudly. To me these flaws are visible evidence of their dedication to God and proof that they read His word daily - their source of strength in a world filled with flaws.


  1. beautiful and i love the quote too. i still have my bible that my mom gave me as a child. it's well loved and treasured. thank you for that reminder.

    love the shot here. beautiful light

  2. what wonderful parents you had...and their Bible, an antidote for a world of flaws and a prescription for healing.

  3. Beautiful photo and sentiment, so very true.

  4. Love love love this one!! Beautiful words too!

  5. Powerful photo. I have my mom's Bible and the white one she gave me on my 13th birthday and the one given to us when we married by my husband's grandparents. His grandpa was a Baptist minister.

  6. Great quote and I love your take on this theme! What wonderful keepsakes.


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