Tuesday, March 2, 2010

flaws on the outside

This old tin barn has stood
on my Moms property for as long as I can remember
when we were kids the school stored old stuff inside
like the old round sinks from the girls bathrooms,
the ones where you all stand around a big sink and
and the water comes out at like 10 different places ...
for years it was just a grave yard for junk of all kinds.
In the mid 70's my mom decided to fix it up inside and
host square dances (her passion)

It is very deceiving to this day
inside you will find
a cozy corner with wood burning stove...
a full kitchen...
mens and womens bathrooms...
a storage room...
and enough tables and chairs
for 100 ppl...
photographs and memories of all kinds
adorn the walls
from all her gatherings
when all the grandkids were young
we had Christmas and Thanksgiving
in the barn
so the kids could run and play
not bothering anyone...
the police even tried to raid
the barn once
after getting a tip of cock fights
in the area...
imagine the look on their faces
when they walked into a bunch of
people doesedoeing (spelling)
I always thought it was so cool
that she never did
anything to the outside
just left it flawed
an abandoned look to it
everyone calls it


  1. Should everyone have a barn like this! Great story.

  2. I love it disguised from the outside and a treasure trove inside

  3. what a great transformation - and i love the outside too

  4. That old place must hold great memories. You could base a book on what goes on inside.

  5. a beautiful old barn and a wonderful story!

  6. What a great story! This photo could have qualified for the "treasured" theme, too!


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