Tuesday, March 2, 2010


They told me he would be euthanized because he was flawed. He just did not know how to relate to people, he had no trust in them at all. I worked with him for six weeks and he came to trust me but slowly, I knew by looking in his eyes he was not flawed he just needed time. He was a feral dog found on the street fending for himself since he was a puppy, thrown away like the weekly garbage so why should he trust humans?

The Humane Societies all across America come across thousands of these little guys every year, they can only do so much and unfortunately because shelters are so over loaded they can only give them so much time to become adoptable.

I wound up fostering him and we all fell in love with him and could not give him back so he has made a place in our hearts and our home, he is the most loving little dog once he gets to know you, he just needs time. I wish I could foster them all, it breaks my heart that they pay for our flaws.....


  1. Heartbreaking.
    We need more people like you.

  2. What a sweet face this little guy has.. Thank god for ppl like you.

  3. I love his cute little teeth peeking through his hairy whiskers. What a cutie. I think he loves you for caring so much.

  4. he looks so bright and have won his heart with your patience and love

  5. what a beautiful story - thank you for sharing this and your sweet baby

  6. My son adopted a feral kitten that hung around a local convenience store. It took some time but he was eventually able to make friends with it. Your pup has a please love me look in his eyes. I'm glad he found someone who does.

  7. what a great thing you did by giving this sweet doggie a home and your love.
    my daughter volunteers at the shelter and falls in love with them all.

  8. You are one of the good people of this world. I love his snarly, but "hope you can love me anyway" look.

  9. A heartwarming story and I'm with you - they pay for people's flaws. Thank goodness for you and your patience and love.
    All our dogs have been rescues and I don't think there is a better way to go!


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