Monday, May 3, 2010

Journey - But not mine

I was thinking heavy on the subject "Journey". I wasn't going to post. My mind was blank for new shots representing what I conceived to be a profound representation of my life thus far. So I sectioned it out to this photo at the last minute. The journey of all the lives involved in building the Hoover Dam and now (well as of last January) the new bypass (upper left, still under construction). This is taken from the Arizona side. I remember in the '80's, Lake Mead's waterline nearing the top of the pylons. The journey of the lake has it much lower now. Of course clicking on it will give you a closer look.


  1. i've had a hard time with this one too.

    that is a great journey to be able to see the then and now.

  2. ...even structures have a time line and a history they have journeyed along...


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