Monday, May 3, 2010


there are many kinds of journeys - the journeys of the heart, the mind, the body.  good and bad journeys - for happy reasons, for sad reasons....just many kinds.  but lately, most of my journeys have involved flying off to meetings because my personal journey over the past two years has been a major career shift.  from banking back to public service via the medicaid agency.

and though i've seen lots of airports in both jobs, i never tire of going to new places and discovering new things.  i'm comfortable by myself - i've learned to eat by myself and to find my own way - ms. independence.  i like that about me.  that makes having company all the more wonderful - someone to share what i've learned.  thank you for sharing my journeys.


  1. Airports are very special places, the gateway to any dream!

  2. thanks for letting us come along :)

  3. ...I love this airport shot it taken with your new Instax camera?

    You certainly have described and traveled many different types of journey recently...and airports are a very wonderful symbol of them all...

  4. The feeling of being content with your own company, especially while travelling, is such a gift! I love airports too...the coming and goings. They're so full of possibility.


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