Monday, May 3, 2010


What are you always prepared for?

For me, from May til October, I have a large garden from which to cut and take fresh bouquets to friends, hostesses or for visiting guest's in their room. It's a tradition my Mother started when I was very young and she'd cut her lilacs and give them away. (Only to nice neighbors!)

I am also prepared with a baggy of Milkbones I keep in my car in case I come across any hungry, stray dogs on my travels.
The flowers make for a better photo, though.

I look forward to seeing what you all are prepared for - and if you ever visit, I'll have fresh flowers for you, too!


  1. You are one cool chic! Sweet pale tones in your photo as well.

  2. what a lovely tradition to carry on...prepared is good!

  3. what a sweet and wonderful tradition that is.

  4. So very sweet of you...a small kind gesture that could make someone's day a little brighter! We have a woman that feeds stray dogs in the WalMArt parking lot of our town. So sweet too!
    Your photo is beautiful!

  5. I love to have cut flowers in my guest room too...this is such a beauiful picture Traci!

  6. gorgeous photo! there is nothing better than fresh flowers!

  7. Oh, I agree! A guest room is immediately more welcoming when a little vase of fresh cut flowers are on the night stand.

  8. So lovely Traci! And what a sweetie pie you are being prepared like that. Sorry I missed your theme! If I think quickly what I am always prepared for, its usually that I have a pen stashed ready to write an idea down. I am a list maker and and idea person. I wish I could say flowers and milk bones! xo


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